Clay + Brittany

Where do I begin?! I believe the best way to describe Clay and Brittany's big day is "Big LOVE, small wedding". Clay and Brittany had a very small, intimate and yet stunning wedding. It's actually the wedding of my dreams! 

Brittany reached out to me only a few weeks prior to their big day, we instantly hit it off! Brittany and I talked over the phone, set up a coffee date (because I love coffee) and after our two hour meeting, I immediately felt like I had a new friend. Let me stop you there, that's one major thing that I love about this business- the FRIENDSHIPS! I have made some wonderful friendships throughout this journey and I am so thankful. And yes, I said two hours. We could not stop chatting and we enjoyed our coffee over conversation for TWO hours. 

Brittany filled me in on the story of how she and Clay met, fell in love and were now well on their way to becoming one. Do you want to know the one thing that made me adore this girl even more? Her fire for Jesus! Actually, most of our conversation during our meeting was about our journey with Christ. I knew that Clay and Brittany had a relationship that has Jesus as the foundation, and I also knew that their wedding would be so full of love and joy for this reason alone. 

Clay and Brittany met with the Pastor both separately before the ceremony, it was such a special moment. This was a first for me as a Wedding Photographer, and I loved it. There were moments that I caught myself crying simply because it was so moving! The entire ceremony was magical! I am so excited for the journey of marriage to begin for these two! I know every aspect of your lives are going to be well as long as you have each other. 

Brittany, thank you for the coffee and the friendship.  

Enjoy a few images from their big day!