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Casey + Katie


A love for the ages..

When Katie reached out to me about photographing her wedding, I was so happy! However, I don’t think that I truly knew the magnitude of the love she and Casey shared until we were photographing their engagement session and I was blown away. I left the engagement session feeling as if this was a true love for the ages, a love that overcome and last.

Fast forward to the wedding day which began as a rainy day, but the sun began to shine in time for the ceremony and the day was absolutely beautiful.
Casey nervous to see Katie, and vice versa.
True love was radiating, friends.
God is at the center of the relationship that these two share and it shines so bright, it’s magical.

At the end of the day, I feel blessed to be able to witness such amazing love and call this a “job”.

Casey and Katie, here’s to a lifetime of happiness, love and growth.

David + Haley

This is a wedding that I have been so excited to post on the blog! Haley reached out to me about THREE weeks prior to the wedding about booking me to photograph it. Typically, I meet by brides over coffee and we chat for a while before we decide if we vibe, etc. And, I don’t pass up coffee.

Haley booked me over the phone! She was so certain that I was the one that she wanted to capture her day and that meant so much to me. As Haley and I talked about the wedding, I knew that we were going to be the perfect fit for each other. Now, if you know me, you know that I love BOHO! Well, Haley described her wedding as just that, “Boho”! She began explaining that the center pieces were going to be succulents, etc.

You guys, YES! Just yes. David and Haley were so pleasant to work with and their day was absolutely stunning!

Leave these two some love! <3


Kevin + Katie

‘And so it is, just like you said it would be.’

Kevin + Katie
September 02, 2018

When I met Katie for the first time, I knew that her wedding was going to be nothing shy of magical. Katie is so sweet, so talented and did I mention that she knows how to work the camera?! It doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely beautiful! Kevin and Katie met within the film industry, both are very talented and so dedicated to their careers, but also to their love for each other.

Wait- before I go in, does Kevin remind you of anyone? Perhaps, Jake Gyllenhaal?! Yes, he does. You’re right! Moving on, Katie may be familiar to you, as well. While chasing her dreams, Katie has been featured in popular Netflix series, House of Cards and has even appeared in a Tyler Perry film. Again, she and Kevin are both so very driven and talented.

I knew that their wedding was going to be full of energy and just as entertaining as the two of them are. These two married at Three Oaks Farm in Lagrange, Georgia. The day was a dream and all flowed together so perfectly.

I hope that you love these images as much as I do.

Cheers to Kevin and Katie!


Ty + Summer


Ty + Summer
June 23, 2018

Where do I begin? I feel like I have been able to be on this entire journey with these two from engagement to marriage, and I suppose that I have. I was so and still am honored that Summer chose me to document and to capture all of their moments from capturing their engagement at the spot that she said Yes!

I knew that Ty and Summer were going to be so much fun when they told me that we were doing the engagement session with cows! If you know me, you know that I love animals (any and all!)
I warned them in advance that I would be photographing the cows, as well. Ha! 

Ty and Summer are both such a joy and both have a fun spirit to be around. 
Summer, thank you for being such an amazing client and bride. 
I am so grateful that you chose me and entrusted me with these moments within your life. 

I cannot wait to see the two of you continue to blossom! 

Enjoy these images which are a mix of the engagement session + wedding! 
The first image is the spot where Ty popped the question!